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Originally Posted by Ripleysniper View Post
After shooting in the last four winter league in the FFTA I have notice that when there was a frost or it was just very cold the POI always dropped by at least 6 clicks, some old boy explained this to me, weather he was right or not his suggestion was that in colder whether the air is denser and when hot or warm the air is a bit thinner.???
I like it too mean. The other air humidity in winter and summerand the off the air density and strength of different. If I go out in winter in the warm room and then I'll shoot there is no such difference.
Not the gun orscope hot and cold sensitivity of the reason, but the content of external temperature and humidity resulting from changes in air density.
The morning mist going up much faster in the summer, when suddenly the air is warmer than winter.
At least, I think about this.
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