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I know what you mean Pete, I shot a course at Basingstoke last year (some extreme course IIRC ) & because I shoot lefty I could hardly see some of the targets, let alone hit some of the targets at all without getting into some awkward positions, actually now that I think back there were a couple I couldn't hit at all.
It is hard sometimes to get a balance between a good hard shot & a lottery shot that looks hard but is near on impossible to hit by everyone..
If a kill is covered then it needs to be with something that doesn't deteriorate throughout the whole shoot.
Numbers by targets, only if the strings cross badly, otherwise it's down to the shooter IMO to pull the string.
A cagejust plonked in front of a target is another of my pet hates, they are ok if they are 'set up' to make you think but otherwise they have no place on the course IMO.
All in all, the courses I shot last year in the UK's & the SiHFT got it spot on, with the smaller kills & different sized plates it's enough to make a course interesting if they are placed with thought....
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