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Default HFT Courses

I was shown a thread on the BBS on how hard a course should be and by the seems of it quite a few good points were raised.

But people do seem to forget although we all love hard and extreme courses, and I for one don’t like all targets to be clear “but” if targets are obscured then they should be obscured for the duration of the course, when you get targets that twigs etc are covering them that can be shot away and then left clear for the next shooter is not fair imo.
I’ll give you an example a few years ago I shot a course, the bloke in my group shot a twig that was over the kill and got a 0, then I had a clear shot at that target, the thing was this happened about 3 or 4 times that day just within our group and to me that wasn’t fair on him, there was even one target that was unshootable until about 6 groups went through? Another thing I’m all for awkward positions etc but as long as it doesn’t give juniors or novices a major disadvantage over experienced shooters, the worse one is when a junior has to take a 40+ yarder kneeling or standing when an adult can get the shot prone.
There’s plenty of ways of making an interesting challenging course without given anyone an unfair advantage, just needs a bit of thought and effort.

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