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Thanks Lee, I appreciate that. I wish you all the best fella.

Like you say ... it's about enjoying it how you can. I'm not quite Quasimodo yet. Always had back issues ... lower disc bulges on Sciatic nerve blah blah blah. Now my right knee has packed in. No big deal. The swelling has mostly gone so I can now walk quite normally and do most things and I can actually get in a kneeling position ( I can push myself up with my left leg to get back up ). It's getting better bit by bit so I'm not even all that keen on having it scraped out, but apparently it won't heal completely and will keep going on me.

Lots of things I have planned re shooting this Winter. Practising standers up the garden and at the local sheltered 40 yard range. Messing about with a few rifles on the kitchen table. I just wanted to pop out the odd Sunday to a local club shoot and have a go at a few targets and share a brew and a chat. I reckon I can shoot kneeling and standing and using a lighter set up will help ( the pain ... not the scores ). If it keeps getting better I'll be sitting and using the normal FT rig etc soon, so fingers crossed.

Keep enjoying matey.

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