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Thank again Rob


I've read posts about the hunter class in NEFTA and have read through the scores occasionally. I know you've posted often saying that it's a buzz beating some of the full on FT guys that fashion ( all friendly banter I know ).

One of the reasons I moved from HFT and gave FT a go last year was because my right eye is poor now ( I basically need shooting ) and I have virtually no depth of field. Using the same scope that gave me 13 yards to 37 yards clear @ 25y PA several years ago, now gives me about 20 to 30 yards. I tried dropping mag and smaller objectives but still I'm just shooting at blurs for a lot of the targets. I was squinting more than a Chinese lad on the vinegar strokes. So it was luxury to move to FT and be able to see the targets again.

So for similar reasons I didn't go down the hunter FT class ( they don't do it in other regions ) as I would be setting a fixed pa for each lane and coping with blur.

Hopefully this is only a short term thing to help get me out of the house on a Sunday morning now and then to Byley or Far Coley on club days. I've had a play in the living room and ironically I can get into a kneeling stance, and back up again, using a lightish set up. Not easy with my heavy FT set up ( I don't want to mess about having a partner holding my rig etc ). Standing is no problem. Sitting ... getting down and up is too painful. So I was just going to have a play at kneelers and standers with a light rig whilst my knee gets better ( local meat factory conveyor belt waiting list for knee keyhole, to tidy up cartilage is @ 6 months ). Hence using a smaller stock, scope and having a go at ranging the longer stuff with the ret ( and eye ) and wanting to know if the kills were all 40mm over a certain range.

Yorkshire Tea

Yup I've learned that fella over the many years. On a Wednesdy afternoon with just me, my rifle and a lurcher, I'm the World Champion at all disciplines at the range. On a course with a drop of adrenaline and all the variables ... I'm Mr Magoo.

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