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Many thanks Rob, Greg.

I understand that most range via focus ( PA ) so size won't be an issue.

I'm crocked at the moment and forsee a Winter of gun fiddling and testing up the garden/local range. I may have a go at getting to the odd shoot and using a light set up, including a smaller scope and have a play at ranging the longer ones with bracketing.

I shot the first British Springer Champs at Anston last year HFT style using my HFT rig with a 30/30 scope on set at 8x ( I shot it FT this year ... didn't do great in either ). Just prior to that shoot I had a play down the local club with 40mm kills at 50 and 55 yards and was surprised how 'easy' ( easier than I expected ) it was to be able to notice a difference between 45, 50 and 55 yards using the bars on the ret in relation to kill zone and hinge to kill etc. Please don't be offended ... I'm talking a quite crude " That's about 50 and that's about 55 " ... so not what you guys will want but it gave me an idea.

No where near as accurate as you guys will want re ranging but may entertain me over Winter whilst I wait for my bits to hopefully get better. I can use mildot/half mildot to give me a bit better indication than the 30/30.

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