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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Interesting read, as I have one ready to fit (not the latest type) but resisted as my MPR is very good over the chrono with a good 60+ shots all within an acceptably close fps variation.
I do have a carbine 410 for hunting that I might fit it to though, and I am looking to see what different people have done to get the best out of theirs.
Did you drill a vent in the cylinder and remove the firing pot? Rob marked mine with two settings for me to play about with, a 90 bar and 100 bar setting.
Thanks for posting your findindgs.
Hi Dean
The vent hole is a MUST and without it any air leaking into the body of the reg during the initial fill will prevent it working properly. I tried this route with my early reg and quickly realised that the vent hole is necessary. It has to be carefully cleaned up/dressed in the cylinder to remove any burrs.

Also some air will leak past the reg body O-rings during the initial fill and if this air is trapped between the 2 body O-rings you would never be able to get the reg out of the cylinder to service it unless you left it a few months for the trapped air to escape OR drilled the cylinder at the appropriate place with the reg in situ (risky)

Yes the firing pot is removed and an alloy spacer is fitted in its place to create a volume for the regulated air to be stored.

I must add though that there are several improvemnts in his lates reg. Not just that he has miniturised the design, but also he now has only 1off O-ring on the piston head, he fixes the piston in place with a circlip and threads the bore of the piston head so that the reg can be easily withdrawn from the cylinder to service or reset the reg pressure. Also he provides a much stiffer exhaust V/V spring with his latest reg that is a better match for the reg settings and hammer spring and helps prevent/eliminate hammer bounce. This stiffer spring and opening up the air port from V/v to barrel improve the shot count considerably

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