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Originally Posted by rubi-tong View Post
Can some one who has one put a decent review, and try more than one px setting, if 25yd px is very blurred at 10yd but relatively clear at 45yd then try a 20yd px. Surely it's common sence?
Thinking of getting one but can't afford to make a mistake and lose money if it is crap.
Give the fella a break! He's got an hour or two of daylight to have a quick look at his new scope, he puts it on 25 yards. Maybe that's what he usually uses, maybe he's picked up on the fact that many people quote 25 yards as being the optimum (I think it's closer to 20 but that's another story!). Then he runs out of daylight.

Save your money until the lemmings have all bought one. Give them a little while and they'll realise that it's not as good as their old scope or something new will appear. If you still fancy one, then you'll be able to pick one up relatively cheap.
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