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Default Here it is!

Here we are at the end of Movember & the end result is;

There is still time to make a small donation to this very worthy cause. Like I said right at the beginning, we all probably know somebody, a workmate, a friend or even a family member who is effected by this condition, even the smallest donation could make a difference if enough people make the effort.
And it is really no effort at all, just visit this site,
And click on donate, either to me or my team.
If you don't find my personal donation page when you do this don't worry, you won't need to register or login or anything like that. Just put my name, 'Gregory Ralph' into the search box & you will be taken there, easy!
The site will be open for a few more days yet so don't think it's too late, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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