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Originally Posted by heidi View Post
I do go to a target club
Ha, then ask someone there who knows how to shoot diopters to help set you up.
5 minutes of hands on advise is worth hours/days of internet probing.

The 'typical' field of the view (FoV) through the rear sight is ~3x width of foresight tunnel.

Though, I prefer a narrower FoV for standing as i have difficulty getting my head/eye in postition consistently and i find the narrow FoV helps. For prone I find a smaller eye relief and wider FoV ok as i can centre the foresight more easily in this position.

This is based upon a patchy 9 months diopter shooting experience. I'm sure there are more qualified persons at your target club who can actually look at your set-up and and help you out. If not try a different target club
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