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Originally Posted by heidi View Post
I am having a slight issue with my 10 metre rifle sight picture

This is the ideal picture. however, this is not what I'm seeing !!! I am seeing vastly more. I can see the entire Black right the entire white of the target and holder then most of the holder board all the way to the light shield

The problem is the size of the hole in the stock end dioptre sight being way too wide is there any of the better brands of dioptre that have an adjustment in the pin hole

How far away from your eye is the rearsight?

Iris aperture won't make a noticable difference. I can't remember my range exactly, but my rearsight does something like 0.8 to 1.8mm and it makes no difference to the amount I can see either side to any noticable degree.

To me it sounds like you've got the rearsight right up to your eye.
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