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Originally Posted by mikeyblue View Post
Hi All,

I have an MPR and have removed the barrel clamp to free float. Without the clamp it seems to me to be a little vulnerable to a knock. I was wondering how otheres who have done this have found it? I was thinking of removing the rubber o-ring from the clamp and putting it back on. This would hopefully keep the barrel free floated while offering greater protection from knocks. Any thoughts?

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I, m doing my ftp atm ,too much forward weight for my liking, same barrel as an mpr I think , 14mm anyway, ive always thought everything looked vulnerable too,still I have inadvertantly knocked the barrel on trees etc on positionals and never made any difference, wot do I know, most people I know free float ftp, s , funny enough you dont see may 400, s ,
gone for a rowan mpr stripper and a carbon shroud ,thats lost 14oz, the ftp stripper is 8oz!,
be interested to hear any comments
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