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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Matt was at that target when my group went through and a few struggled to get into position and after they had shot complained of multiple aches n pains....Like Greg said hindsight is a wonderful thing and i spoke with Matt at that target and said that IMHO it shouldn't have been prone only.

Of course...if you're 18 and have a 1000 pound scope.
If i was 18 and could afford a 1000 scope, the target wouldn't be a problem that's for sure!...As i wouldn't be there, i would be spending that 1000 on Wine Women and more Women....and still more Wine..partying on some Greek island or other!

I couldn't see the silhouetted targets for the life of me...too much light?...prob just old...

Great shoot off on Sunday as well, nerves were kept in check with some great shooting! (especially Oakie..)
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