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Originally Posted by w-v-m View Post
The more you practice, the luckier you get.
Lots and lots more,.
Also improving accuracy as to distance judgement;it would be interesting to find how close to the distances the top 5 were,or do they employ a % game?
As far as what is the most accurate gun ; has anyone actually done any head to head tests that are repeatable without the human facture.
ie say 20 shots at a reasonable distance,( say 50yds)to show up variations of groups in still air,rifle clamped in a bench for stability.
A selection of pellets to give the barrels the best chance of a good group.
Perhaps it would all boil down to the shooter that has the black art of accuracy in all conditions.namely the 'singer' not the 'song'.
My impression is that there is not that much variation in rifles giving groups that are not that far away from each other,that includes some rifles that are quiet long in the tooth.
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