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Default TX 200 spring kit


My TX 200 needs a little makeover as it starts to show signs of fatigue.

Given the plethora of springs and kits, etc. I do not know what to choose.
Ox, Titan, Vortek, Maccari Welsh Willy TbT etc the list goes on.

I want a smoother rifle (same poi in standing and kneeling) that does not jump, no twang and less than 4 m/s speed variations.

On Fein 300S there were two springs mounted end to end .The first spring have coil turning one direction and the second turns other direction

Plastic or metallic spring Guide?
short stroke kit or not?
etc etc

this is the kind of metaphysical questions that disturb my nights lOl
in france we have not enough expérience and nobody can help me in my choice


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