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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Hi Pete,
With no definition it's just a" lying down" shot.

Prone defines itself in that it's chest down. Supine, on your back and on your side is Fetal.
I'm not bothered which way such a target should be shot except everyone should be shooting it the same way.

We call it "PRONE" Ray although laying down could have been used but we certainly aren't going to specify what bits must be touching the floor or what angle the chest must be, some shooters go "PRONE" like the recovery position, some flat. If we used the shooting definition of prone then we would all be using slings & resting on elbows.

As always, if you are in any doubt come & see us & we will advise whether a position would be allowed but so far I've never seen anyone using an illegal "PRONE" position.......AS YET
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