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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Matt was at that target when my group went through and a few struggled to get into position and after they had shot complained of multiple aches n pains....Like Greg said hindsight is a wonderful thing and i spoke with Matt at that target and said that IMHO it shouldn't have been prone only. Matt (as expected) took the comment as constructive and not as a dig at the course. It doesn't matter how many courses you set out there will always be something that's missed.

Of course...if you're 18 and have a 1000 pound scope.
Its amazing how many shooters I see that struggle with elevated shots . I too suffer with a bad back amongst other things but I find positioning myself 90 degrees to the target and rolling on my side slightly then I have rifle rested on top of peg and butt either on the deck or in my shoulder then I couldn't be more stable or comfortable, then it just a case of head position and knowing where to aim.
I can see your point with the kennel shot as that allows shooters with better scopes an advantage.
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