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Originally Posted by sven View Post
Now I'm interested! Tell us more please.Who's shooting what? I already added the rifles from Barry and Richard.
This the Cambridge top 5 :
1st 58 points Barry Smith, Rifle: BSA Scorpion
2nd 57 points Charles Peal, Rifle:?
3rd 57 points Richard Wood, Rifle: Impact Airguns model: ?
4th 57 points Steven Willingham, Rifle:?
5th 57 points Roger Bentley, Rifle:?

Anyone know the other ones?
Although shooters are supposed to put their Make & Model on their scorecard some can't be bothered of maybe don't know

1st Barry Smith - BSA ???
2nd Charles Peal - AA FTP900
3rd Richard Woods - Impact ???
4th Steve Willingham - BSA Hornet
5th Roger Bentley - Walther LG400

Others on 57
Dave Ramshead - AA Pro Target
Chris Cundey - Steyr

Andy Simpson - Daystate Mk3
Eric Bynum - Steyr
Jeff Westley - Daystate Air Ranger
Mark Wilson - AA EV2
Mike Byford - Walther LG300
Nick Hopkinson - Steyr
Roger Lait - BSA ???
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