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Originally Posted by tugg View Post
I thought the steep tree shot was a good target.
Matt was at that target when my group went through and a few struggled to get into position and after they had shot complained of multiple aches n pains....Like Greg said hindsight is a wonderful thing and i spoke with Matt at that target and said that IMHO it shouldn't have been prone only. Matt (as expected) took the comment as constructive and not as a dig at the course. It doesn't matter how many courses you set out there will always be something that's missed.

Originally Posted by blackscale View Post
Nothing wrong with the 'kennel' shot....nor the high one....

Terrible Terrible stander though, you placed the wooden number right where my pellet landed, how very nasty of you...

Great shoot though, Oaks nearly took the win, we will be on form next year!

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