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Having spent over 20 years attending BFTA & EFTA meetings I have found that there is virtually no interest in anything that doesn’t directly involve a competition (development, moving the sport forward, etc..).

The last BFTA meeting had 4 out of 9 regions present as for the EFTA this is run on hand outs from the BFTA (50p card money per English shooter who applies) and nothing from its 7 regions.

Having been to several world championships while Rob and Mick have been over seeing the EFTA I would like to thank them for making it a far more pleasurable and less stressful experience than it would have been without their assistance with information and the chasing of permits/documentation

There is a wealth of shooters ready to drag an organisation down for trying but failing and yet very few willing to put in the commitment required to run an organisation for the long term………………………………………….if we can’t support our own organisations (thats organisation not just a shoot)how are we ever going to run a worlds championship!
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