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Been reading this with interest over the past few days , so here goes with my thoughts on the subject .
Firstly , I think that any uk nation would struggle to host a worlds event that would be anywhere near what we enjoyed in hungary , Italy , south Africa , Germany , usa , etc .

We have hosted the worlds over here a few times now & ive shot them all . Each time the courses have been top notch but the hospitality has been embarrassingly woeful ( in my opinion ) That is not a slur on the 6 or 8 people ( yes 6 -8 ) that set up & ran the events .

The reason that I think we'd struggle is manpower . Long gone are the days of yesteryear when you turn up to a wood somewhere , shoot a few targets & all retire to your hotel rooms . People expect more ( & rightly so ).

The main problem I can see regarding manpower is course marshalls . I mean , we'de need 10 or so ( properly trained ) marshalls on each course ( 30 ). Who would have to give up their shooting to do that ????

3 x chrono marshalls .

6 or so stats folk .

people sorting trophies .

people sorting entertainment & venues for pre shoot greet meet & presentation night inc food etc .

folk to sell merchandise .

Course setters X 10 ( inc days off work )

zero range organisers .

That's just a few off the top of my head & im sure there'll be loads more tasks that crop up .
The trouble with us is , we are a selfish lot that get on our high horses when things don't happen the way we think they should . Well , its not gunna be to long before we get the chance to show em how its done , so my question is , who out of those that whine & whinge are going to be wiiling to get stuck in & get their hands mucky come crunch time ???

Cheers , calps .
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