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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Core rules, RGB's must be able to comply and accept the core WFTF rules, its required by a RGB before they become accepted onto the WFTF list.

Rifles must be maximum power of 12ft/lb.
Reducers must not exceed 20% of total number of targets


I'm sorry but if your air rifle laws don't allow you to comply with the WFTF rules then unfortunately you can't become a RGB.

Of course as Germany know and indeed NZ, there is no consequence for not complying with the rules
Nicely put Conor .

If you can not comply then good bye, Harsh no if one country could only have smooth bore 1 ftlb airguns firing plastic projectiles would we have to adapt to those regulations ? . We have rules voted in if you are a RGB within the WFTF then you adhere to them. No more flaunting the rules or your OUT. Start your own mickey mouse catapult federation and you can do as you please.
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