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I have had my mildot 2.5-10x24 NF for over 4 years now and not seen a scope I would change it for yet, I did spend an hour with the March 1-10x24 but it doesn't work when parallaxed very short at full magnification for hft, the image quality becomes very poor, almost milky. It is a fantastic scope but we are asking it to work outside of its intended range of use so it cant be criticised for it, but don't go and order one for HFT!

The Leup is great if you like to shoot without blur and slightly lower mag but I like my 10x mag and the help of a little blur at the extremes but without suffering any px error worth worrying about.

There is another small objective scope I would really like to try, the IOR Valdada 1-10x26 DFP, dual focal plane, 2 rets, one FFP one SFP with twin concentric elevation turrets!
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