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Originally Posted by gantongunner View Post
ok im new to FT I start the NEFTA in a couple of weeks just a couple of questions from a newbie (to FT)
how many people actually shoot from here
how does it get decided who can shoot
and why are people booking loads of rooms for themselves
Each country will get allocated some places for PCP and Springer shooters, it's not been finalised yet how many places will be available for England.

The decision for England will be made by the English FT assoc (EFTA)

Why are people booking loads of rooms? - well, to ensure they have a room. I've booked multiple rooms, but I've done it on behalf of other shooters who have asked me to.

The qualification for the EFTA was at the Euros last weekend, so some shooters already have a pretty good idea whether they'll be selected or not.

It's a bit complicated, but come and have a chat at Thorn Dell and I'll do my best to explain what I know.
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