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33 or 34 countries are in the WFTF.

If 33 send 8 pcp... 264 shooters.

Ah but there's spring gun teams, so add another 264.

Ok not everyone sends 16. But germany had 500 applicants. And there's also the idea it should not be about teams. After all, if you only have 7 shooters in your country, perhaps you bring a friend along who has never shot, and pick up a scope and rifle on the way to the airport and have a holiday. Meanwhile countries with 100's of shooters still send 8.

But we had a meeting about this in Germany over one beer. It was decided it was too complex a problem to have over one beer, so each host is left to do the best they can. Some countries have a firm idea. Some like to ask the WFTF for permission. The WFTF doesn't have a firm idea, so it asks all the RGB's. Some of them don't have a firm idea, so they don't respond. Some take time to get a firm idea, so time moves on.

Apparently though the WFTF says we have enough rules. So hey, whatever...

There were/are people prepared to work these problems out, but we don't need to according to some. So until we do, every year we'll have this unless the event is unpopular. But with it being in Europe for probably the next 5 years, we will have these problems. This was seen 2-3 years ago, but took until germany until it was decided to even talk about it...

By the time we may have a solution, another 5 countries may join, making the problem bigger. Think Hong Kong were interested a while ago.
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