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Originally Posted by AlexS View Post
Wouldn't it be a smoother competition if the squads are limited to 3 shooters instead of 4? Please excuse this bold words, but this way mostly team members would shoot and they would be the best of the world and not so many stockpiled moonlight shooters like last year. If, in many years, much much more countries will send a team and the capacity is topped, a 4 day tournament would be in demand.

With squads of 3 shooters the competition would not be so tiring and much faster, so the max. 225 shooters would finish early and the springers (probably 2 per squad) could start in the afternoon on the same course and not on a minor playground.
That could work, the only negatives I could see with that is that it's nice for all the shooters to finish at around the same time. It's nice to come back to your team mates at the end of the shoot and discuss how you did and tell tales of missed targets and curse the wind etc

If the springers are always put on 2nd session, when they finish the course they may return to find that most PCP shooters have disappeared back to their hotel rooms or gone off to make dinner arrangements without them.

The danger there is that the springer shooters are made to feel more like outsiders than they would do if they had their own course. The variation of the course will decide whether it's seen as a playground or not, there's no reason at all why a separate springer course shouldn't be just as difficult as the PCP courses.

The other difficulty with your suggestion is how do you identify the 'moonlight shooters'?
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