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After thinking about it, I don't mind the idea of separate courses for PCP and Piston - so long as they vary the courses between each day.

It would give the possibility of having 600 shooters at the Worlds instead of 300, but... I'm concerned that when asked to expand on their idea and specify exactly how many targets would be varied each day, they have yet to answer.

I would suggest a minimum of 2 courses for Piston - day 1 and 2 could be shot on course 1 (with a minimum of 10 target variations between the days) and course 2 would be a new course shot on day 3.

Piston category is becoming more and more popular, if you look back to when the Worlds was hosted in the UK, there were just a handful of Piston shooters, that has grown to 60 in 2013 and in NZ 1 in 3 shooters were in Piston category.

I believe the LFTSA's intention with their proposal is to help the Piston category to grow rather than to turn it into a side-shoot. But to do that the course really does need to be significantly different each day.

Oh, and they need to check the agreement they have with the Hotel, because I've booked 7 of the 154 rooms now through, and it's still showing that rooms are available

If the LFTSA are hoping to have 400 shooters plus wives and girlfriends accommodated in a hotel with a maximum capacity of 300, then block booking all of the rooms would be a good start.
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