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Originally Posted by heidi View Post
If Nikko Stirling as so bad [ it appears they are on the various rifle forums around the world] Why does the big Nikko Stirling sell for so much ?
Perhaps it isn't as bad as people on forums from around the world believe?

The trouble with forums is that you're not always aware of the experience and skill level of the person posting and you're not always aware of intended purpose of the scope either.

I've only had 1 Big Nikko - a Mk2 and it was excellent for FT. Andy Calpin uses a Mk2 Nikko and has won the Grand Prix series for the past 2 years running. Can't be too bad can it

Having said that, for the money if I wanted a big, heavy sidewheel scope, personally I'd be tempted to spend a little more and go for a Sightron.
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