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Originally Posted by dimmer0707 View Post
Christchurch November Round Christchurch HFT

Well we had a very good turn out today in bright sunshine again .Heres the scores for the day.

1= NIGEL PECKHAM=52=100%
2= Matt Dimmer=51=98% ONE DAY I WILL WIN
3= Dave Hutton=51=98%
4= Paul Russell=50=96%
5= Charlie Anderson=47=90%
6= kevin Lindsay=46=88%
7= Ben Russell=45=87%
8= Peter Foote=44=85%
9= Owen Quenault=41=79%
10= Luke Saunders=38=73%
11= Peter Quenault=38=73%
12= Alistair Coombes=37=71% And Happy Birthday mate the cake was a nice touch.
13= Craig Lord=37=71%
14= Gordon Summers=37=71%

CHeers to all the guys that helped me set up and pack away without you all this comp just would not happen cheers all Matt.
Your time will come young Dimmer.
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