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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
Well this is a completely retrograde step in my opinion. Straight away, it precludes a spring gun shooter from becoming world champion.
Why not chuck all the women and kids in the side-shoot too, so as not to distract 'us' elite shooters?
That has been done already, but in Norway it was a separate session, but same course...

But that's been the opinion of some that it should go that way, and others that it shouldn't. That's going to be down to the management committee to decide (assuming they're still in place, and if not the EFTA will put it on the table in front of the 7 regions of the BFTA to decide on...)... that's if the WFTF haven't decided without us already. Haven't seen what SARPA, NIFTA and WAFTA think, or many others for that matter.

Ideally, we would all like everyone on the same course. But then we'd also like 550 on that, and lets say England, 700? We know that's not going to happen. We also know that in likelihood, there's not going to be an overall WC shooting a springer. And we now have a Junior who won the event. So...hmm, do we need a junior class anymore?

From memory we have

PCP Team (8)
Spring Team (8)
Junior (PCP & Springer)?
Ladies PCP, Springer
Veterans PCP, Springer
Ladies Veterans PCP, Springer
I don't think we've had a Junior Lady PCP Springer... yet...

Oh and we have 30 odd countries.

Everyone has an opinion on this and we did this discussion in Germany, sat around a table, everyone coming up with their own ideas, and in the end the advice from the chair was each host could do what they could.

I know what does solve it, but it's not popular. Personally I think the WFTF needs to work out if it's running a competition or a popularity contest. And whilst one does rub against the other, and the spirit of FT, the standard of shooting is fast becoming world class, and I think it deserves a world class competition. The sport is now big enough that perhaps those who prefer a more relaxed/friendlier less intense type of affair, that can't shoot to the ability can either find other competitions, like Euskadi, Weston Park, and all the other Euro shoots, or they improve so they can compete, or they go along and I dunno, watch/support/help...

Thing is, realistically, if the competition is going to be a constant size container to ensure fair competition, then you can't keep cramming in more and more energetic bodies into it, because all it leads to is more pressure and heat.

My musings are :

Cut PCP & Springer teams to 4 only. All to count every day.
Places 1-3

Top score is World Champ
Places 1-10

Top 3 springer
Top 3 junior

If each comp section doesn't have 10 or say 5 for teams, to play, it's not run. It's not an attendance trophy. It shouldnt be too hard to know in advance, that's why there's booking in.

Each country nominates an event in their calendar year before. The attendance is recorded and verified. That number is your count. You add all those counts up to one sum. You then take the amount that can be fit on a course, 300, over 3 days. You then pro rata that back to each country. That's their quota. 4 minimum.

If a country wants more to go, then there's incentive to grow the sport at home. So if last year there was 2000 people across the globe shooting, and 200 were in England, we'd get 1/10th of the places of 300, so 30. But realistically we would have like 110 (based upon the euros). So we'd need to pull our finger out as well.

When each country is handed a quota, they cough up the entrance money, non refundable, to the WFTF. If they're not in a position to do that within a month, they lose what they haven't paid for, and the places are put back into the pot. Places reserved each year for last year's WC, top springer, top junior, top team springer and PCP. People drop out, they lose money. Don't see why the organisers should have to run around finding replacements for people who have decided not to go at the last minute and be out of pocket.

That way it's up to the RGB to work out who they want to send, teams or individuals, not the organisers. And that way, the organisers don't lose out when people drop out.

It's hard. People get left at home. But it's roughly how the Olympics works, and it seems to get the best shooters.
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