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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Thanks for the semi derogatory comment Dan , but to be fair to my performance at the weekend my as you say lowly 17th place I shot all disciplines standing so kneelers standing due to have significant nerve damage in my back I hit 19 out of the 20 there and had a combined average of 95.7% over the weekend so hardly cr@p really but I'll admit it's off the top pace but the top pace is hard as you well know.

I can see the route this is going down but selection was there for all and I made the cut, sorry you wasn't there to have a pop a selection as you said you were unaware of it , but anyway a seven way shoot off for 1st - 7th are tight parameters , wonder if you'd have mentioned James Osbourne or Neil Daniels if they had been in that lowly 17th position ? I think not.

Over & Sprout

Damn it Scott, you know I love you! The point was made against the system, not the man you tool!
Yes, I would've mentioned it if Messers Osborne or Daniels had've been in that position, cos whoever it was was not the point. Make up hugs at GP1? Ps. hope the back gets better soon.
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