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Default Turn up.... Pay your money .... Have a go !

Thanks for the semi derogatory comment Dan , but to be fair to my performance at the weekend my as you say lowly 17th place I shot all disciplines standing so kneelers standing due to have significant nerve damage in my back I hit 19 out of the 20 there and had a combined average of 95.7% over the weekend so hardly cr@p really but I'll admit it's off the top pace but the top pace is hard as you well know.

I can see the route this is going down but selection was there for all and I made the cut, sorry you wasn't there to have a pop a selection as you said you were unaware of it , but anyway a seven way shoot off for 1st - 7th are tight parameters , wonder if you'd have mentioned James Osbourne or Neil Daniels if they had been in that lowly 17th position ? I think not.

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