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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
Firstly Rob, that is WAY too many maritime analogies!
Hey, the blue wobbly stuff is only 400yds away, it's bound to have an effect

Originally Posted by EELS View Post
Secondly, are we saying that no matter what happens next season, the person who came 17th at Weston Park the previous year - so sorry Scott - would still be in the team, even if they don't shoot again between now & then?
Out of the 17, remember, only 8 of them were English ... but yes, that was the qualification, that's the result.

Remember though, or forget, the worlds being shot in summer. We need a system that measures shooters against each other (so it needs to be national in that respect, not WL based), and we need it before booking might open, and we need it so that those that do get selected actually have enough time to make arrangements to enable them to go (getting permission from the shooting activities officer, saving up, getting time off work etc)

Originally Posted by EELS View Post
Look, I'm just trying to illustrate the insanity of this 'selection system'. I'll have a word with our Scottish EFTA rep and ask if he will put forward an agenda point to discuss selection moving forward.
I know. But we can only work with what we have suggested. So if there's something better, then we're happy to hear it and discuss. What I would say though is anything that is shoot/grade related better had some idea of how to handle grades that might not be recorded for whatever reason, because I'm sure you and I don't want to deal with the 8th and 9th place shooters having a hissy over the fact that one of them shot a round that wasn't recorded for some reason.

Originally Posted by EELS View Post
In the meantime, when the WFTF do get back to you re places, dates etc, please put me down as keen to take up any extra allocated places.
Read first post... i've been editing it. I'm collecting names. As soon as I hear more firm information, we'll bang that out in the usual channels and see who comes out for some fun. As ever I'll endeavour to get as many places short of starting World War III, but people need to approach me/and or their rep, and tell me they want to go, as in they want to go, are ready to book time off, and travel arrangements.
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