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Originally Posted by EELS View Post

If you can enter as an individual - which you can - & there is A world champion at the end of it - which there is; then it's primarily an individual event. I appreciate this may not always be the case - with us having to apply within our RGB quota before a 'clearing' - but at the moment it is.

Secondly, you've got to start a system somewhere mate but once it's up an d running it'll be a rolling marker, that can carry back as far you you want to go. BTW I was thinking of say 8 shoots, with your qualifying points from your best 5 to count. if someone can't make 5 qualifying shoots a year I suggest they're not that interested anyway. I'm happy to note down my thoughts and provide these via the proper channels - though what appetite there is for change is yet to be seen...

Bottom line is you can't tell me that a meeting was held where the question was asked "how can we ensure we select the best team, with the best chance of winning X comp?" & the best we can do was "I know let's pick the top 8 English shooters from one shoot held 11 months beforehand" No, not having it.

Anyway, clearly that boat has sailed (for this year at least) and unless this thread fills up with 200 people agreeing with me (never happened yet LOL) then I guess I'm stuck. But forums are there for people with a shared interest to voice their opinions and those are mine.
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I can tell you, and have.

The meeting was held at the last GP, Far Coley 2012. The question was "How do we select the best team, now Germany have announced booking in so early and we're at the last GP, and how do we do it in the future". The answer was Champs/Inters for 2013, for 2013 and Euros for ever after that until someone proposes something else.

It was (from memory) proposed by Ian Taylor, and seconded by Sefta (apologies if that's incorrect, I can confirm when I access the emails if you like).

That's one line.

The bottom line is, we don't know how many places are available. I need to know who is interested. And any suggestions will be greatfuly received. But it doesn't matter if there's 200 replies saying Hallelujah, if no-one transfers from an internet forum to their rep's inbox, and cc's me in on it, it's just 200 replies saying Hallelujah on an internet forum. Now this could be as per all the other noises on the net, which translate to about 1 in 100 ideas actually being mentioned at committee, or it could not.

Firstly, in any event, I need to know who wants to go. I had one person before Saturday. Two by the end of Saturday, Sunday while I was shooting I had 3. I spoke to those I could find who hadn't bomb burst after the trophies, and texted those that had.

As for your first point, no you can't always enter as an individual. In Germany you couldn't. You could shoot as one, we handled all the entries. And in Italy and Hungary we did all the applications to make it easier for both the shooters and the organisers. Only in NZ were we told not to apply, to which end I couldn't actually find out who was going and who was going to be in the team! (or not as it turned out).

What you're suggesting sounds like using grading. Which I'd be inclined to look at, but I think that has room for perversion, which whilst I'm not suggesting it does happen, it has the room to happen, and if someone did, then someone else would be upset.

So your boat hasn't sailed, pick up the ship to shore, send them a rough idea of your course, and try to resist drinking your own urine just for one minute, as although you may feel like it's the perfect storm and it's time to down go down with the ship, if you check your current depth off keel, you're in 3ft of water 20yds off shore. Just turn around. You just dozed off after lunch and woke up looking away from land.
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