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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
The worlds is not a primarily individual event. It's an event. It might have been that in the dark ages before the sidewheel was discovered, it's now got over 30 countries, not 3, and they want to plump for the team just like 4 home counties and the USA did, and also send their best shots for the title. Opinions may differ as to what it should be, but that is what it isn't.

The event maybe July/August/Sept, but booking in normally opens a lot earlier. And for that, we need to know who is going, so we can say they can go, so they can book flights/hotels and time off work. In other words, we need to be ready probably in March, and people need that time to book off work, then we'd say you're not going, places are limited.
In the event of limited places to 8 or 16, the only people going will be the teams. We wont know who that is until we do selection, and come March it's too late to run it.

Now if we'd had some suggestion, worked out, that suits not only the proposer, but also answers those that say "oh but i can't make 10 shoots in a year", then we would of considered it. But I bet you a we'd have someone come up two years later and say "why cant i be in the team and who knew?"

If there's a better system, work it out, send it to me, and I'll put it around and see who likes it. There's no problem with that.

If you can enter as an individual - which you can - & there is A world champion at the end of it - which there is; then it's primarily an individual event. I appreciate this may not always be the case - with us having to apply within our RGB quota before a 'clearing' - but at the moment it is.

Secondly, you've got to start a system somewhere mate but once it's up an d running it'll be a rolling marker, that can carry back as far you you want to go. BTW I was thinking of say 8 shoots, with your qualifying points from your best 5 to count. if someone can't make 5 qualifying shoots a year I suggest they're not that interested anyway. I'm happy to note down my thoughts and provide these via the proper channels - though what appetite there is for change is yet to be seen...

Bottom line is you can't tell me that a meeting was held where the question was asked "how can we ensure we select the best team, with the best chance of winning X comp?" & the best we can do was "I know let's pick the top 8 English shooters from one shoot held 11 months beforehand" No, not having it.

Anyway, clearly that boat has sailed (for this year at least) and unless this thread fills up with 200 people agreeing with me (never happened yet LOL) then I guess I'm stuck. But forums are there for people with a shared interest to voice their opinions and those are mine.
Peace Out
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