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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
Rob, thanks for coming back.

I never thought you'd just made it up mate; I know you've got better things to do with your time!

I appreciate the pragmatic argument here & agree that the WFTF need to fix a window earlier - but it's always been held in July/August/Sept so we know if we go off of the Europeans we're going to be some time ahead.

The Worlds is primarily an individual event. Would it not be better to choose a team from those who are committed to going already rather than have people go just because they're in the team?
Shooters could register their availability to shoot for EFTA & earn 'qualification points' at certain shoots throughout the year (for winning / placing) and then EFTA could pick the top 8 best performing PCP shooters who have already shown they are committed to going. This system could run continuously, so at any time EFTA could say "there's a comp on & this is our best X no. of shooters".

I wasn't aware that the Euro's was going to be the one shoot where you could register your desire in terms of wanting to represent your country & even if I had have done I wouldn't have gone this year anyway - I'm not going to bleat on about why, we've all got lives that eb & flow - suffice to say I'm gutted that through missing one shoot, I've got no chance of getting into the team for 2015 & that I would implore the EFTA big-wigs to get round a table and sort a proper system out cos this one is crap. Either that or I'll have to start looking into my family tree to see if I can shoot for Uzbekistan or something!
The worlds is not a primarily individual event though. It's an event. It might have been that in the dark ages before the sidewheel was discovered, and it was shot over beer guts and haybales. It's now got over 30 countries, not 3, and they want to plump for the team just like 4 home counties and the USA did, and also send their best shots for the title. Opinions may differ as to what it should be, but that is what it isn't, an individual event, open to all. We cannot fit 550 (which is how many wanted to go to Germany) in the event.

The event maybe July/August/Sept, but booking in normally opens a lot earlier (feb/march) And for that, we need to know who is going, so we can say they can go, so they can book flights/hotels and time off work. In other words, we need to be ready probably in March, and people need that time to booked off work by then, then we'd say you're not going, places are limited. Ooops.
In the event of limited places to 8 or 16, the only people going will be the teams. We wont know who that is until we do selection, and come March it's too late to run it.

Now if we'd had some suggestion, worked out, that suits not only the proposer, but also answers those that say "oh but i can't make 10 shoots in a year", and everything else then we would of considered it. But I bet you a we'd have someone come up two years later and say "why cant i be in the team and who knew about what we have now anyway?"

If there's a better system, work it out, send it to me, and I'll put it around and see who likes it. There's no problem with that. Never has been.

We have this every time there's a popular worlds. And to date, despite the amassed IQ of the internet, there's not been one solution that keeps everyone happy. Even when it's hosted far away and barely anyone can afford the time off or money to go, people weren't happy, because they couldn't go for another reason apart from selection. And they weren't happy afterwards, because they'd missed out on something they wouldn't have been happy attending either.

What would be a nice start is if someone popped over to the EFTA forum, made a new thread and said "i'd like a spare place if there's one going, other's please leave their name"... oh and i've thought of a way we can choose them just in case there's not enough places That would be handy because I'd like to go as well. Unless I fix the springer issue, that will be how I'm going, as a spare.
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