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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
Rob: Looks like an awesome

Now I know there was a long running thread before on this but: Where is the logic in picking a team over one given weekend for an event 1YEAR away!!??

We've got at least a dozen GP's, Showdowns, Masters, Inters, BFTA Champ shoots to go before then & whilst I'm sure most of the guys listed will still be there or there abouts it's a bit demotivating for everyone else (me included) to know that the chance of being in the team is already gone before the season even starts because we couldn't get to Weston Park the previous September.

Picking the team at the Inters/BFTA Champs weekend for Germany two years ago had it's critics but at least that was held in the same year! There's got to be another way (I gave my proposal in the long running thread on the subject last year). This route just smacks of easy convenience for EFTA admin.

Ps. You'll probably tell me that this was all discussed, voted on an decided at 'X' meeting ages ago; if so please could you let me know when, so as I can 'speak' to my rep about messaging that little one out
Sorry Dan,missed this earlier.

You know I wouldn't just make it up

The logic was purely that was what was decided by the EFTA Committee because although the event may be 1 year away, it could only be 3.5 months away if it's held Jan 1st (unlikely, but as yet we've not been able to persuade the WFTF to bring date announcements forward, so sometime next year is as good as it gets), and given the way Germany went, we need to be able to say yes to and who is definitely going, up front, for when ever booking in opens. If it opens say March, we're stuffed and in the same boat as we were for Germany. That way we can say yes to any additional places we may get, because we already know who's in the team, and who wants to go as well.

The inters/champs was a quick fix. The euro's gives us a decent lead time, so at least we're ready before the winter comes in, everyone disappears down their bolt holes, and we don't get caught out with pants around ankles saying "oh but we haven't picked our team yet" when booking in opens before WL's have finished.

The meeting was held at the last GP in 2012, and the announcement made on the BFTA forum, and also via the reps. Barry would be your rep. In terms of communication with me, both EFTA and BFTA, i'd say he's one of the better ones.,508.0.html

Admin convenience I can assure you it aint.
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