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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
I took a 3200 to SA and it was fine, so i think that or the 1750 would be as well.

The 3220 is really deep... 8.5" internal... so i've got no worries about the sidewheel at all

The storm 3220 is 44.0 x 14.0 x 8.5"... that's fine for me, but I do have to take the armadillo hook off because the walther in it's paul wilson, with the muzzle break on is just too close to the edges on length for my liking.

But the scope is the main concern, and all my other rigs will fall in it.

I'd just go for the ones with the dimensions you like... i think the peli might have the edge on a really massive hit from the size by a tank or something , but the storm was fine for the trip out to SA and back, and the internals were just as I left them. I think most of the shooters took peli's or storms... the only person who had any lateral zero shift was James Woodhead, who used one of those bog standard gun gears... and then we took him indoors at 50m and found he was 14 clicks out... ... good job he tested the zero eh
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