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Biased first impression........

Didn't have long to zero it this morning, and once I started the comp I realised I hadn't quite got the eyepeice correctly set up to bring the reticle and especially the A-D brackets into focus for my eye (sorted this immediately after the comp). The locking ring in front of the eyepiece focus ring holds it immobile once set.

In today's very dull conditons the image was remarkably bright, also commented on by those who had a look through it, and on one forced stander at 10 yards with a crafty black 15mm reducer at 3 O'Clock within a 40mm black kill zone in a black face plate I could make out the reducer and got it where others in front had missed and reckoned the target was stuck. I don't think I'd have seen it as clearly with the standard SR6. Eye positioning is very good so you are encouraged to bring your eye back to the same spot each time for consistent aiming.

POIs for my .22 were almost the same as the standard SR6 but I need to set out some paper targets to refine these, as with any new scope. Sidewheel settings on the zero range were spot on for focusing at the indicated range.

Overall I was pleased with its performance today and with a little more time on the practice range setting it up properly I think it will help me add a point or two to my .22 PB.

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