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Power upgrade Option - New Buy

A Fwb 800 (10m) can be had...for New...delivered to your doorstep for 985

... but perhaps 50 to 100 off, if you ask for a discount as you dont want front & rear diopters. Also ask that Fwb factory swap the "L" cocking lever for "X" lever- should be no price difference.

Add some Forex conversion (bad rates offered by your UK bank even if is on a tear against Euro
ie: GBP 1 = 1.27); wire transfer fee, etc...a tad over 1K , or just under (if you get the discount).

Get Jon to mod to 11.8 ft/lb - call him for a quote'd be surprised & chuffed

HOW ??

Woodstock AND stabilisor included in this model >

"The Model 800 Basic is the reasonably priced option for all shooters who want to combine the precision of the well-tried 800 series with versatility.

The high-quality trigger with its possibilities for adjustment of the series of the model 800 together with the universal stock of solid beech wood of ambidextrous design allow a wide range of possible application.

It goes without saying that the Model 800 Basic is equipped with a patented inner absorber and with the Feinwerkbau precision sight. The cheek piece is adjustable in height and the butt plate is also adjustable in height. The rail mounted in the stock can be fitted witg a shooting sling support (special accessories)."

I would say, all in , under 1400, or perhaps 1300.... anyway, thats my actual plan for my 3rd Fwb800


PS: I plan to fit the action after mod to one of many Fwb Mod700 laminate stocks one can find on eGun

...this is what it would look like as a another option - buying brand new > > 1275 , and repeat above steps Ive mentioned..

image upload no size limit

free upload pictures

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