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Exclamation WFTF Re-birth

Hi all, pardon my english, my intantion is to write softly:

WFTF urgently needs:

1-New Constitution
2-New Rules of all kind.
3-New Web Page with the results and Pictures Quikly ( At this date, Germany and NZ results are not in the WFTF Web Page...)
3-New Leathership.
4-International Field Target Fee...
5-List of proposals to be voted, etc, etc, etc
6-People to work this. Who does this?
7-WFTF forum should be open to shooters for opinions and polls on this and many other points.
8-A strong Chairman to make all this work.

Lot of work my friends,

If this things are not resolved, they will happen , again and we will have a weak sport.

Side note:
Greyskull (NZ Organizer,.. ) informed us of a brilliant solution: Different set of targets for different power.
They could also just make the Hi Power shooters participate in different days, as a Demo event.
Why they did not come to implement either of it?
Well obviously BECAUSE only 6 hi-power shooters showed up. And disaster came for not sticking to their plan.

The New Zealand organizers had their best intentions and played with the rules that we all can read in the WFTF forum. I think they deserves our respect and gratefulness, we also MUST learn of what not to do.

Field Target was invented and implemented as a 12 fpe sport. PERIOD.
If your club in your country (Like mine) runs Hi Power because we can, then DO NOT CALL IT Field Target, It is NOT.
You are just shooting a Hi Power air rifle Field Target STILE.
Have a different Class or Division for it. It is a different sport.
If it catches up world wide, then make your own Worlds Event.
But for the moment, lets concentrate in making THIS sport work.

Just some opinions.
Congratulations for the 2014 champions!!!
And what a beautiful moment in this picture:
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