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have had mine a good few months now and shot quite a few local and national hft comp, all i can say is my ftp has been flawless from the get go, and assume aa really must have upped their qc. yes i do know a few people who have had issues with there's but i think that comes with a new run of any product?
the ftp has really upped my game in the comps and i reckon it is excellent value for money.
one thing i would say is the rifle is heavy, for me that is a good thing but just be aware!
also i have not modded mine in any way because i have experienced no zero/poi shift in its stock form

just go for it



oh one more thing i chronoed it in the garden yesterday, results using aa field diablo =
775.1/11.2 780.4/11.4 787.2/11.6 767.5/11.0 762.6/10.8 766.9/ 11.0 765.5/ 10.9 768.9/11.0 769.6/11.0 769.9/11.1 11.1 average

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