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The early models had a few issues, with small bits of rubber from the filling probe shearing off and getting stuck in the filler valve and the regulator. This was mainly caused by owners not lubricating the o-rings (it says to in the manual) and a sharp edge on the probe housing.

AA has now fixed this fault.

Accuracy is brilliant, ragged single hole at 45 yards and a group about the size of a 5p at 55 yards.

Some shooters have had a small amount of zero shift, but this can be cured by free floating the barrel, you can either remove the shroud and 8 clamp completely, or just remove the o rings from inside the 8 clamp.

It is a new gun and has had a few small issues, but in the last year of me owning a Steyr, I had to have new regs, firing valves, hammers and hammer springs. So, no matter what gun you have, you will have to keep on top of it.

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