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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
Surely you would have noticed that your cheque had not been cashed and money taken from your account?
I would have thought this would make you wonder if your form had gone astray in the post,
Those Welsh posties are a dodgy lot
This should have then led you to call the organisers to ask if they had received it.
Or maybe its just me and my OCD that makes me look at my bank balance
Hi,the only example I had to go on was the last round,where I found out from the website I was in ,the cheque wasn't cashed until a couple of days before comp so I wasn't to bothered because there was still nearly 2 weeks to go and I'm not the type to keep bothering someone to see if I'm in,haha perhaps I should have done in hindsight,also I say again all the people I have met in hft have been friendly
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