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Originally Posted by johnd1 View Post
I don't know who you have shot with mate but I only started shooting hft this year
and have found everyone to be most friendly and most will help you if you ask.
as for your face having to fit I can honestly say that if you get your form in on time
you get to shoot simples.i would also suggest that slagging off the organisers may not
be the best way to make friends if your new to hft.if you are ever paired with me I can
assure you I am friendly and would certainly talk to talk to people and youll see
most are ok.
Hmmm,slagging off is a bit strong,all the people I have shot with have been friendly and not shot with,not sure where all this is coming from as I only asked a question is it if your face fits,as I sent my entry weeks ago just automatically thinking I would be in,then see the list and not on it,oh well big enough and ugly enough to admit wording was wrong(open my mouth put both feet in then whole body)but I certainly not happy people saying attacking or slagging off,the whole things been blown out of proportion,because of a postman !!!
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