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Originally Posted by dnic View Post

Please excuse my ignorance on the rules for this. Is it.

Use your HFT setup as per UKAHFT rules, no adjusting the scope.
You can sit the same as the FT rules, or do you follow UKAHFT rules on positions.

Is there any else I have missed.

Hi David, basically you shoot your HFT rig on the FT course. Sitting position although prone is allowed and you are allowed to adjust your px at the first target in the lane, bear in mind that there are 2 targets per lane on a FT course. So if your first target is 20 yards and the second 55 you have to decide on the first target what your px will be. i actually just leave mine at 40 yards as it's the long targets that can be bracketed.

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May as well just give it Coop Dawg and Dan The Man now Chris Anston Massive: All Your Target Belong To Us! this your Gauntlet?
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