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Originally Posted by Old slider View Post
Well where do I start,just found out havn't got in Cambridge rd,applied quite a few weeks before closing date but apparently full,did the same at previous rd and got in,am new to hft and air gunning in general and also got a couple other family members involved as well as was told by local club it is a friendly sport,mind you have yet to see any competitive sport that is that friendly when it gets to the nitty gritty!these uka rds is it a case of if your face fits or good old who you know,why bother to have a closing date would like to see if my entry was I fact the last,shot at Cambridge on Sunday and they were still taking entries didn't bother to enter cos thought I would already be in,oh we'll live and learn😞,good luck to any mad members who managed to get in ,if rich gives me some paint and a brush I can give the plinking range a coat I'll probably be the only one there!
When did you send your form off and what is your name? as you say in the first line you applied a few weeks ago, and if that is the case if i received it you would be in?
Nothing to do with if your face fits its whether you get your form in on time.

There is a deadline which is this coming Friday, but if the rounds are full then obviously it will be closed sooner.
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