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Old Slider,

It's the early bird who gets the worm.

There are two sessions, am&pm for all the shoots. Each session has a maximum number of 90 people. Total for the day 180.

All the dates and venues are posted at the start of the the years series. Together with the booking in form.
One can select which competitions they wish to shoot, send the required booking in form together with their remittance for the event.
I applied and paid for all the dates that I was going to shoot at the very start of the series, a number of people do the same.

There is a tremendous amount of organisation that goes on behind the scenes (Scooby noted this in his reply) hence the cut off date when the event is full.

I can assure you it is not,if your face fits, your in. Booking early is the answer. It's is a prestigious series and attracts at lot of competitors.

The last round at Buxted is on the 19th October, you can send your request for a place, now.


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