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Originally Posted by Old slider View Post
Well where do I start,just found out havn't got in Cambridge rd,applied quite a few weeks before closing date but apparently full,did the same at previous rd and got in,am new to hft and air gunning in general and also got a couple other family members involved as well as was told by local club it is a friendly sport,mind you have yet to see any competitive sport that is that friendly when it gets to the nitty gritty!these uka rds is it a case of if your face fits or good old who you know,why bother to have a closing date would like to see if my entry was I fact the last,shot at Cambridge on Sunday and they were still taking entries didn't bother to enter cos thought I would already be in,oh we'll live and learn��,good luck to any mad members who managed to get in ,if rich gives me some paint and a brush I can give the plinking range a coat I'll probably be the only one there!
Entries are just entered as they are received, nothing to do with whether your face fits or not.

We close postal entries earlier than the round so we can do the groups, lanes, paperwork & cards.
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