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Sorry to jump in on the thread, but which model Timberline are you thinking of Poth? I have owned most models and I am looking for the another for HFT. The Burris (you will probably know this) Ballistic ret is designed to work best on maximum mag setting, hence the reason I sold a timberline before with a maximum mag of 14 as I felt that the aimpoints were slightly too wide. I wish I had tried a bit longer with the 3x9x32 SAKO quad though that I bought from Dave Semmens, and then sold him it back. I have a couple of 3x9x40 Fullfields which work nicely and is my current favourite hunting scope.

Currently messing with a 2x7x26 (only one I have seen) Timberline that I have freed up the front on, but its too clear!! Very clear from 12 yards to 40 and 10 yarders you can still see pellet marks.

Mick, I wouldn't like to pay out all that on a Nightforce to take a hairdryer to it, they might be free enough on the front lens but then they could be like the Burris scopes, most move with some force but the odd one doesn't.
I will be interested to look at what you end up with though as I know you are looking to get something tasty from our chat at Guisely the other week.

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